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Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) are Domain Names represented by Local Language Characters which is non-ASCII (eg. Chinese/Arabic) in Computer. Technically, IDN are encoded or translated as PUNNY-Code (ACE) on Web Browser
Why IDN?
More than 80% Internet & Computer users in China, Korea & Japan do not read, write or display in English. Localization is the key to bring your business into new market! Convinced?
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 Pricing List
Domain TLDNewRenewTransferNotesIDN Support
.comRM 45.00RM 45.00RM 45.00 Yes
.netRM 45.00RM 45.00RM 45.00 Yes
.orgRM 45.00RM 45.00RM 45.00 No
.bizRM 45.00RM 45.00RM 45.00 No
.infoRM 45.00RM 45.00RM 45.00 No
.nameRM 45.00RM 45.00RM 45.00 No
.usRM 45.00RM 45.00RM 45.00 No
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